Graduation Scheme 20/21 – Now Closed

We will let you know about the future of the scheme and it’s reopening in 2022

Dear 2020 Graduate,

This year has been a huge blow for the industry, many agents have had to close their books to new talent or shut down completely.
We understand how disappointing it must be not to have been able to perform your showcase live, how frustrating it is graduating into the industry at less than full swing and to be faced with an increasing number of obstacles to get your acting career started.

Rogues and Vagabonds Management have been discussing what we can do to help and have come up with a scheme which might be of interest to you as a 2020 Graduate.

Who We Are

Rogues and Vagabonds Management is one of the most respected and successful co-operative agencies in the UK. Founded in 1986, and run by our members as a non profit organisation. We have the experience and reputation to provide an effective, dynamic and professional service utilising over 30 years of experience working in the entertainment industry.

Our clients continually appear in West End productions, international and national tours, in T.V., feature films and commercials.

We represent actors of all ages and backgrounds; from fresh graduate talent to seasoned actors with many years’ experience.

How Covid 19 has affected us

We have found ourselves in the rather fortunate position of being able to turn 2020 into quite a successful year, despite the strange times and although our London office still exists we are following government advice and managing the agency from our homes.

However we haven’t been able to take on new actors, who want to join our coop, for many reasons mainly:

• We feel that it is not fair to ask for any financial commitment from new members at this time.

• The challenges of giving due care and diligence to the training process of new members whilst working remotely.

• Not being able to meet in person, to get to know one another’s personality and casting type.

• Lack of opportunity to see prospective or new members in performance.

However we do have spaces on our books and genuinely care about nurturing new talent. Therefore we would like to introduce the 2020 Graduate Scheme.

“Rogues and Vagabonds will open their books and represent select 2020 graduates for a period of six months to a year as a personal manager.”

As a 2020 graduate we would love to hear from you if you are looking for representation, we can help you get started in the industry, find work and offer a wealth of advice.

Please contact us at: In your email, we would like to know a bit about yourself, your spotlight link and any links to your work, showcases, showreels etc

Please have a look at our FAQs for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Will I be part of the Coop?

No, The existing coop will represent you solely as an actor. We would encourage you to join the coop at the end of the scheme providing the relationship has been successful and the pandemic has died out.

What exactly is a Coop Agency?

The CPMA (Cooperative Personal Managers Association) have a fantastic article that explains this in great detail, it can be found here: 

Do I have to pay anything?

No, whilst on the graduate scheme Rogues and Vagabonds would only take commission from work that you get. All our current members have paid a training fee and continue to pay monthly subs, although this is currently being reviewed. In any case it doesn’t affect anyone on the graduate scheme.

What is your Commission rate?

Currently it is at a rate of 15% for theatre 20% for mechanical media. (For clarity the commission rate is lower for coop members because they also pay a monthly sub and give their time working in the office, something you will not be asked to do.)

Do I have to stay for at least 6 months?

No you can leave the agency at anytime but any work or future work that we have found for you will still be charged commission.

Why is it only for 6 months to a year?

As this kind of scheme has never been done before it is a trial for us too! To comply with our values as a coop agent it isn’t something that we will have in place forever. It’s only while the pandemic is happening. Of course we may extend it in future if necessary. After 6 months on the scheme we will extend it to 12 if it is working well.

Why Is it only for 2020 graduates?

To give the fairest chance to those hit the hardest in their search for representation (a difficult thing to do even without a global pandemic) We hope the scheme will prove success and extending/broadening it is something we will consider in due course.

How do I apply?

Please email the membership team at
Tell us bit about yourself and include your spotlight link and any links to your work, showcases, showreels etc

Will I definitely get an Interview?

We are expecting a lot of interest and only have a few places on our books so unfortunately it is unlikely we can interview everyone. We also will try not to take on anyone to similar to anyone else on our books to avoid a conflict of interest.


I have lots more questions that you haven’t answered!

No problem! please email any questions you have to and one of our team will respond asap.