We provide a first class personal service utilising over 30 years of experience working in the entertainment industry.

We operate as a co-operative in name and nature utilising our unrivalled insight into the workings of the industry, we are able to support, nurture and guide our members at every stage of their careers and give them an active role in the decision making process, shaping of their future and achieving of goals.

Our clients continually appear in West End productions, international and national tours, in T.V., feature films and commercials. We represent actors of all ages and backgrounds; from fresh graduate talent to seasoned actors with many years’ experience.


Rogues and Vagabonds is one of the most respected and successful co-operative agencies in the UK.


Founded in 1986, we have the experience and reputation to provide an effective, dynamic and professional service.


Rogues and Vagabonds Management is an active member of the CPMA and a successful, vibrant part of our members' lives.


Rogues and Vagabonds Management is a long-established and highly regarded co-operative agency.