Meet the Graduates 2020 Ela, Juliet and Tom

Meet the Graduates 2020 Ela, Juliet and Tom

Our Membership team has worked tirelessly to create a Scheme that brings 2020 Graduates into the Rogues and Vagabonds family. With the current tumultuous nature of the industry most 2020 graduates were facing an ever increasing uphill climb to find representation, our hope is that this scheme has provided a ski-lift of sorts.

We are thrilled to introduce Ela, Juliet and Tom!
To get to know them better we asked them some hard hitting investigative questions, the answers to which have only led to many many more questions…

Ela Portnoy

What was the last film you saw that began with a G? –  “The last film I saw the began with a G is “Go Fish” – a 1994 low budget lesbian ICON of a film and currently my favourite. ”

What song describes your vibe in the kitchen ? – “I actually have a whole playlist of kitchen vibes music, but I’d pick “my baby just cares for me” by Nina Simone.”

Favourite colour of socks ? –  “Anything with patterns or pictures.”

Ela is a recent East 15 graduate and really excited to be joining Rogues & Vagabonds on the 2020 Graduate Scheme.

Juliet Ibberson

Who is your favourite Ninja Turtle ? – “I like the orange bandanna ninja turtle , I don’t know the name”.

Explain in three words the plot of Robocop ? – “Robocop looks great from its Wikipedia page”.

When dining out do you prefer a seat with a view of the kitchen or the restaurant ? – “ I prefer a view of the restaurant so I can be nosey and people watch”.

Juliet has recently graduated from East 15 Acting School. Originally from Sheffield, then based in Birmingham to earn English and Drama degree in Birmingham, she is now London based. Over the first lockdown she made 2 radio plays and a short film with her fellow students!

Tom Sullivan

When was the last time you lost a pair of gloves? – “The last time I lost a pair of gloves was in my 3rd ascent of Everest. It was ever so nippy.”

Who is your favourite female recording artist of the 90’s and why is it Britney Spears? – “Britney Spears is my favourite artist due to her unprecedented vocal range & array of versatility.”

How much garlic is too much garlic ? – “Too much garlic – when your breath stench is a visible entity.”

Tom graduated from the Oxford School of Drama in September (mid pandemic) for which he is exceptionally proud and engages in a lot of cold water therapy – taking dips midwinter in a freezing cold river is his idea of ‘relaxation’. He is also a tremendous Tom Hardy fan, and shall work alongside him one day.